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Unlocking Wellness: Exploring 9 Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yoga

If you perform at least one pose of yoga you are sure to feel more relaxed. Regardless of what your level is when it comes to yoga, if you practice it regularly you are sure to feel better right from head to toe. Yoga, no matter what your age is, will provide you with multiple […]

Child Labour in India: Causes, Consequences and Prevention

child labour in india

What is the first thought that comes across your mind when someone mentions the name India? Well, it would be the beauty, culture, food and history of the country, right? Or maybe you might think about the overpopulation, pollution and the poverty that is faced by people. Nonetheless, the problem of child labour in India […]

What is environment? Its Components and Significance

what is environment

Humans for a lot of years have been one with nature and the surroundings around them are considered their environment. This environment has provided humans with an immense amount of blessings. Right from food to shelter everything you get from the environment. However, due to the recent activities of humans, there has been a high […]

If your child is constantly questioning you about the world take this quiz

child quize optimized

Dear parents, the tables have turned! You see, many had come in search of the fabled Know-It-All parent. But it was found that such a thing does not exist. Therefore, after many years of research, we have found the best way to deal with tiny question masters in need of immediate answers. That is precisely […]

6 Reasons Why Offline Schools Must be Encouraged – Post Pandemic

6 reasons

As we leave the pandemic behind and start the school year where every student is required to be present in class, as opposed to hybrid learning and online school, we are also preparing for subtle changes. Many parents still feel the need for online classes for the safety of their children from the pandemic that […]

CBSE School Admissions in Bangalore for your Child’s Bright Future

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As a parent, making the right choices to provide quality education to your child can be quite the challenge. Choosing the right education board requires a lot of research and thought, and some parents might find it difficult to decide what will work best for their children. The Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, […]

4 Steps To Your Child’s School Selection


Selecting your child’s school ought to be one of the crucial decisions in your life. It will decide your child’s future, nurture their character, and determine their knowledge and creativity in the forthcoming days. Certain things need to be considered before making that decision, especially when so many schools are available around us. Private or […]

How is Philanthropy a crucial part of NHIS?

How is philantrophy a crucial part of NHIS

Since childhood, we have been taught the knowledge of philanthropy and how it boosts society as a whole. We have seen people contributing to society’s destitute ones. Philanthropy is one act that is undertaken by numerous people to create a balanced world where the deprived pens have the opportunity to live a slightly better life. […]

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