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Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliated #831360

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Why New Horizon International School Bangalore

At NHIS, our students are taught to be not just intelligent, but also wise. They are taught to not just absorb knowledge, but to create it. They are taught to not just replicate, but to innovate. We wholeheartedly believe in the exceptional power of our students and realize that they are catalysts of change and are capable of changing the world.

Our campus is meticulously designed to inspire new ideas and ignite curiosity in our students to awaken the innate genius within them. We have adopted a multidimensional approach to kindle young minds and generate leaders, who are trailblazers and beyond mere professionals.

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Globalization has made the world smaller and more accessible, giving rise to a need to be globally relevant. Our Cambridge curriculum sets a global standard. The Cambridge curriculum is flexible, challenging, and inspiring, designed to develop informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. At the heart of our teaching pedagogy lies the idea that a teacher’s task is not to mould a child but to rather create an environment in which a child’s individuality can unfold to reveal who they really are and what they wish to become. 

A fine blend of western knowledge and India’s ancient wisdom has been incorporated in our curriculum to ensure that our students receive education of the highest quality while at the same time gaining insight into the richness that our country has to offer.

The state of the art infrastructure, laboratories to encourage innovation and a plethora of sporting options makes NHIS the perfect choice for parents who want to see their child grow into a leader, an innovator, and a humanitarian.

Rest assured, your Little Genius is in safe hands with us.

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