Hybrid CBSE – An Exceptional Method of Bestowing Advanced Knowledge to 21st Century Students

21st-century students prefer a school curriculum that involves insights into international knowledge and exposure. Most contemporary schools aim at providing education that imparts schooling of both Indian and western cultures. This is done to broaden the horizon of students in their perception of knowledge. When students gain worldly knowledge, they are able to accomplish a […]

Advantages of Studying in Schools that offer Offer 2 Boards

The present time witnesses an immense development in the education sector. Schools are making their curriculum student-centred where they are active participants. Teachers are concerned about providing holistic education to their students where learning is very practical. Parents wish to get their child admitted to a school that offers not only textbook knowledge but also […]

Role of Science Labs in Instilling Eagerness in STEM Subjects

It is largely believed that students fear STEM subjects, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There is a widespread notion about STEM subjects being hard to understand, but it has long been proven to be a myth. The way to deal with these subjects is through practical implementation. To ramp up the process of learning […]

Five Factors that Influence your Education

Every educational system is influenced and shaped by a variety of elements. It’s not always as simple as going to school to study; many factors affect the characteristics of education, such as the economy, the job market, the syllabus, the skills of the educators, and the institution itself. Aspects that impact students’ learning and educational […]

Features of Practical Learning

The current generation is  a tech-savvy, digitally enhanced lot. They are practical in terms of thoughts, education and societal norms. They have the ability to cross check and choose what works for them. With their distinct features and expectations they deserve teaching methods that incorporate practical knowledge along with theory.   As we digitize ourselves, as a society, we see technology as an essential component of our daily lives. […]

Practical Learning – Why is it Crucial for your Child

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anton Chekhov.  Does hands-on learning have a significant influence on students? Yes! Practical learning helps students learn more effectively. It has been scientifically shown to help students remember information for an extended amount of time.  A student’s ability to grasp an idea is enhanced […]

6 Factors to consider before selecting a school for your child

Education is the stepping stone to a bright and optimistic future that also nurtures a person’s mind in every way possible. Majority of the soft skills, values you learn at school, are carried on throughout your lifetime. This is precisely why school is said to be your second home. Over decades education has formed the […]

What Guides the Core Values of New Horizon Educational Institution

An educational institution’s values have long played an essential role in helping shape its identity. Nevertheless, today’s challenges have compelled institutions to reevaluate their operating philosophies and shared principles. When values are recognized and acted upon, institutions can run effectively.   Institutions with strong cultures outperform their peers in terms of academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities […]