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CCA – Gardening & Cooking without fire

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The Gardening club provides students with a unique opportunity to connect with nature. Some of the activities undertaken during the CCA were the bookmark making with pressed flowers and leaves, sowing of seeds on the school, garden beds, painting on recycled pots and sowing seeds. Such activities can help nurture a lifelong love for plants and the environment at large. We are sowing the seeds of a more sustainable and harmonious world by embracing gardening in our school.
Cooking without fire is another such CCA activity undertaken by the primary department of the school. This provides the students opportunities to explore their passions, build essential life skills, and cultivate a well-rounded personality. Some of the lip-smacking snacks made by the little ones are lays chaat, chocolate ladoos and lemonade. Along with the deliciousness, through collaboration and teamwork, students also forge lasting friendship and develop strong social bonds.

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