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NHMUN – A Unique Way to Impart International Knowledge Among Students

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It is important for the current generation to be challenged beyond textbooks and examinations. Students are incredibly erudite. They are aware of their surroundings and make sure to take part in discussions of world security and inclusion. A good school makes it a prerequisite to impart upon students not only academic bookish knowledge but also instil pragmatic knowledge governing the world. This includes international relations that are spread throughout the world but are hardly taught in schools. New Horizon International School, a name known to all in the education sphere, has flourishingly escalated their stature by imparting the knowledge of international relations to students. 

NHMUN – A Specialty Learning Program of New Horizon International School 

New Horizon Model United Nations or NHMUN is a product of the New Horizon School that centralizes engaging their students in resolving international issues, diplomacy, being vocal about their thoughts, and most significantly gaining insight into the functionality of the United Nations. 

New Horizon International School has organized this program in a very neat and idealistic manner. All students are assigned the role of delegates who take active participation in international relations. This is a very stimulating activity where the students engage in oratory, debating, and writing skills. This eventually leads to mastering all the skills necessary for progressing in life. As we all know how crucial it is to have awareness of international relations and diplomacy, especially during interviews, NHMUN aims exactly at that. 

New Horizon has gained momentum for initiating quite a number of leadership programs, among which NHMUM has received the most acknowledgement. It is because of this program, innumerable students have emerged into confident spokespersons, who are precise, and assured orators. 

Through NHMUN, we at New Horizon International School promote teamwork, leadership capabilities, critical thinking, and most importantly empower students to clearly perceive and engage in present world issues. 

How becoming a part of the Model United Nationals Program enriches your future 

Currently one of the most talked-about programs in school and education institutes, the Model United Nations or MUN program is an education stimulator of the original United Nations Conference. Here, the students are assigned with political issues where they draft, research, lobby, and eventually result in a resolution of the issue. There are certain benefits of pursuing a Model United Nations program, as stated below: 

  1. Gaining Knowledge of the World

Learning about the world constantly through TV news or newspaper can be utterly boring. Model United Nations is instrumental in conveying knowledge through active participation in debates with delegates from other counties. Being a delegate, you will need to thoroughly research, conduct analysis, and perceive different ways about how every factor would affect another’s functions. 

  1. Assurance in Yourself

Model United Nations require students to be absolutely involved, incorporate their ideas, converse with new people, discuss resolutions, and eventually come up with resolutions. While being vocal before new people, you instantly acquire confidence that retains throughout your lifetime. 

  1. Acquiring Interpretive Knowledge

Insightful analytical skill is a beneficial factor that guides a person through different careers and stages of their life. Model United Nations provide the students with the opportunity to gather analytical skills through debates and oration. The atmosphere offered in the MUN stages is very realistic, it offers the students a chance to analyze pragmatic situations, take into account the concerns of other countries, and come up with potential solutions – all these require analytical solutions. 

  1. Acquiring Diplomacy Skills

Learning the art of negotiation, or diplomacy is an essential factor that can be learned while participating in the MUN program. Through your active participation in MUN, you can gather ample knowledge about diplomacy. 


To conclude, New Horizon International School or NHIS has climbed the ladder of success by implementing such empowering initiatives. Admission at NHIS will ensure comprehensive education for the students. We do not restrict our students to their textbooks. We create an atmosphere and space for them to grow, think and explore. Every activity is a learning opportunity and we want our children to learn. NHMUN ensures our students are rooted in the cause that they feel connected to in future.  


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