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Role of Science Labs in Instilling Eagerness in STEM Subjects


It is largely believed that students fear STEM subjects, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There is a widespread notion about STEM subjects being hard to understand, but it has long been proven to be a myth. The way to deal with these subjects is through practical implementation. To ramp up the process of learning STEM subjects, New Horizon International School has improvised its Science Lab to instil enthusiasm in students in learning these subjects. 

Role of Science Labs in Instilling Eagerness in Learning STEM Subjects 

How many times have we gained back interest in a subject after learning it in an empirical way? To repeatedly change up methods and find apt/new ways to learn is imperative when studying theory.  

This is mostly applicable to STEM subjects as it includes certain difficult concepts that are hard to conceive. This is where New Horizon’s science lab comes into play. Let us learn how the science lab helps with learning STEM subjects: 

  1. Aims at Experimentation

Think of science lab, think of experimentation – this is exactly what New Horizon International School endeavors for. It can be exhausting for faculties as well to preach about the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide without being able to practically demonstrate it. The school aims at simultaneous learning from the book and implementing it in the lab. This way, the students tend to understand, analyze, and offer their perspectives of the experiment. Gaining knowledge through experimentation leads the students in navigating their way through related concepts as well. 

  1. Conceptualizing Different Scientific Ideas

A science lab offers diversified knowledge through experiments. It is more beneficial on the teacher’s part to demonstrate a concept when displaying the same. A student becomes more inquisitive, with their curiosity leading them to explore more scientific ideas. They ask questions, learn new things by performing the experiments by themselves. Gradually, they become self-learners through the conceptualization of scientific ideas, gaining interest in STEM subjects. 

  1. Pedagogy Urging Student’s Practical Involvement

New Horizon International School has designed its pedagogy to encourage students to take part in the practical implementation of knowledge in the science lab. This way, the school authorities ensure that their students are figuring out what they are learning. This is a relieving factor for not only the school but also the parents to know that their child is learning thoroughly. It is through this connection with the STEM concepts, students start inclining towards the subjects and slowly develop a kinship for the same. 

  1. NHIS Science Lab Contains Advanced Equipment

Conventional teaching through books never helps a student in perceiving scientific knowledge. It is only when they witness the experiments being performed before their eyes, they truly understand. In order to make the students understand completely, having state-of-the-art lab equipment is a necessity. Proper scientific equipment in the lab helps in achieving the following objectives: 

  • Diversified skills: Communicative, investigative, manipulative, organizational, and inquiry
  • Understanding complex concepts: Hypothesis, theoretical model, taxonomic category
  • Psychological abilities: Helps in understanding psychological abilities like critical thinking, problem-solving, application, analysis, and synthesis
  • Perceiving the true nature of science: work method of scientists, the existence of diverse scientific work, interrelationships between science and technology, etc
  • Understanding different attitudes: Risk-taking, curiosity, interest, objectivity, perseverance, satisfaction, precision, responsibility, consensus, collaboration, and more.


  1. Making Teaching Effortless

Sometimes it becomes really difficult for teachers to impart knowledge through books, especially for science. Teaching science involves immense patience and expertise. Demonstrating anatomy or invisible physics concepts can be quite a daunting task if not backed up practically. With a science lab, things are so seamless and effective. Teachers find it extremely helpful to make students understand hard concepts. New Horizon International School, with its developed science lab, has acquired popularity from students and parents. This lab has made teaching so much easier, and students are finding learning STEM subjects enthusiastic. 

It is important we allow students to take a step in the direction that they fear. Allowing children to freely explore what scares them and sensitizing them to those concepts will allow the student to pick up on it in an easy manner. Eradicating the fear of STEM subjects is important and NHIS takes on the task like a pro! 


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