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Advantages of Studying in Schools that offer Offer 2 Boards


The present time witnesses an immense development in the education sector. Schools are making their curriculum student-centred where they are active participants. Teachers are concerned about providing holistic education to their students where learning is very practical. Parents wish to get their child admitted to a school that offers not only textbook knowledge but also encourages the students to be career-ready. New Horizon International School or NHIS has attained complete recognition in this case. Being in the education sphere for the longest time, NHIS has endeavoured to create one of the best schools. 

Why Choose NHIS for Your Child’s Education? 

The reason parents prefer NHIS in creating their child’s future is that the school offers the accessibility of learning from two different educational boards. NHIS offers two educational boards, namely, Cambridge Assessment International Education or CAIE and Hybrid CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education. 

CAIE is one of the most popular international educational boards across the world for offering advanced curricula. CAIE believes in diversified knowledge, therefore, it offers students an array of subjects to study from. The sole motive of this board is to enable students to have flexibility and liberty while studying. Alongside, CAIE also aims at promoting experiential learning methodologies where students learn different insights of a particular concept. Students are assisted in becoming the best version of themselves by igniting their minds, and understanding what subjects they are passionate about. 

NHIS is one of the few schools that offer a hybrid CBSE curriculum. To be demonstrative, a hybrid CBSE board is where the CBSE syllabus is taught by fusing westernized culture. The board has been designed to cater to all the needs of the 21st century and make the students learn through pragmatic methods. 

Benefits of Studying in Cambridge Assessment International Education 

It is more common today than ever, to find students who wish to study abroad. In every household, we will encounter students whose goal is to bag a job abroad or pursue their higher education at one of the Ivy Leagues. Parents are also focused on sending their children to a school that nurtures them to become future-ready. CAIE board is selected by parents who are mindful about preparing their children to go abroad. There are more benefits to CAIE listed below: 

  • CAIE board is an acclaimed board of education that is accepted across the world. It is a part of the world-famous University of Cambridge, UK. 
  • CAIE board offers students the liberty to select subjects of their choice. Their curriculum is balanced and consists of an adaptable course of study. Furthermore, they also offer core and extended curriculums. The extended curriculum provides more insight into a particular subject selected by the student. 
  • As compared to other boards in India, CAIE is more inclined towards multicultural and multilingual approaches. This board promotes critical-thinking and problem-solving attitudes in students. 
  • Confidence, sense of leadership, and responsibility are three features that CAIE bolsters. They focus on grooming a student into a confident young adult who is ready to face the world, someone who will become a leader along with a sense of responsibility. 
  • CAIE curriculum is convenient to both teachers and students. The curriculum is directed towards educating students through an international approach and encouraging the distinctive abilities of each student. 

New Horizon International School has been instrumental in providing quality education for many years. They have created diversified educational platforms like NHMUN that prepares students for political debates, a parent portal where parents can freely interact with the school authorities. The science lab in NHIS is filled with equipment that is of the advanced level and of utmost help to both the teachers and students in learning. The best part though is the availability of two educational boards – CAIE and Hybrid CBSE that has gained popularity. It is beneficial on the student’s part to study in a school that believes in progressive knowledge rather than memorization of notes. 


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