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How to choose the right curriculum for your child?

How to choose the right curriculum for your child

Schools need to be dynamic in their approaches while preaching to their students. A combination of textbook knowledge along with critical thinking, wisdom, diplomacy, communication, and additional characteristics must be included to provide the right learning. For a student, only learning concepts from the curriculum won’t suffice.  Learning different subjects is necessary, but progressive schools fuse communicative skills, innovation, critical thinking, and more skill-based learning into the curriculum. Schools that have these kinds of state-of-the-art features have astute missions set up for themselves – New Horizon International School is one such.

How are NHIS’ Missions Diversified to Others?

New Horizon International School is located in Bangalore; it is known for its tailor-made curriculum. This curriculum is designed to adhere to the contemporary setting that promotes enthusiasm, problem-solving attitude, communication skills, and critical-thinking abilities. NHIS has directed its pedagogy towards skill development that will nurture the students to become independent people in today’s time. Their mission is to guide the students to tackle the world’s problems and challenges.

Need for Critical Thinking in School Curriculum

Wondering why critical thinking is so talked about at length? Well, critical thinking is the need of the hour. Here are some reasons why critical thinking needs to be imparted through the curriculum.

  1. Critical thinking boosts a student’s ability to think innovatively and establish a sense of inquisitiveness.
  2. Critical thinking is majorly about self-analysis, self-assertion, and self-monitoring.
  3. The ability to critically think evolves a person’s workplace growth. These kinds of employees are valued more.
  4. Critical thinkers are mostly problem-solvers and creative thinkers as well.
  5. Critical thinkers also champion organizational skills, open-mindedness, and strategic planning.

Need for Communication Skills in School Curriculum

As students, we used to get that instant adrenaline rush promoting confidence after a successful speech. Communication skills play a huge role in molding a student’s life. Just imagine the anxiety a student will suffer from if not being able to communicate effectively. The following are some of the reasons why NHIS has incorporated communication skills in their curriculum.

  1. A person with seamless communication skills is bound to excel in their academics and workplace to be able to express themselves.
  2. Persuasive communication skills form the basis for decision making and planning – both of which are essential skills in the practical world.
  3. Proper communication directs at coherency in planning and implementing the same.
  4. Coordination and smooth communication are synonymous. Coordination in work or studies is only assured through proper communication.
  5. Development in managerial efficiency is guaranteed through transparent communication.

Need for Collaboration Skills in School Curriculum

There are chances that a student lags because they are not able to collaborate with other students. This inability to collude with teammates may result in issues during work life. For instance, any workplace will require a group of employees to collaborate on a particular project failing which that specific employee will lose out on reputation. Let us study a bit more about the need for collaboration in the school curriculum.

  1. Collaborative learning immensely contributes to brainstorming.
  2. The more you collaborate and devote your own thoughts, you are more likely to grow as a person. You will get to know more about your identity.
  3. Collaborative learning also provides extraordinary thinking.
  4. Self-management is preached through collaborative learning.
  5. Oral communication is boosted through collaborative thinking.
  6. A student gets to anticipate their leadership skills while they are collaborating in a classroom.
  7. Most importantly, collaborative learning promotes teamwork. This is an essential criterion to work in a corporate sector or even in entrepreneurship.

Need for Creativity in School Curriculum

NHIS has correctly emphasized the need for creativity in the school curriculum. Creativity has diverse significance in the school curriculum. Some benefits are listed below:

  1. Problem-solving skills are projected through creativity skills.
  2. Innovation or creativity makes one feel complacent in their life.
  3. Creativity provides one with a purpose in their life.
  4. Creativity shows the student scopes in other areas apart from the bookish syllabus.

NHIS has consistently maintained its eminence through their diversified missions. These missions make the school stand out from the others. It has maintained the progressive curriculum that will help today’s children shine.

NHIS is one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Bangalore among the list of CBSE schools in Bangalore for its excellent dual curriculum (IGCSE/Hybrid CBSE). The top IGCSE school in Bangalore – NHIS is among the schools in Bangalore, Hennur celebrated as the Top 10 international schools in India and Top 10 CBSE schools in India. It falls among the top schools in North Bangalore and the top international schools in Bangalore, making it the most obvious choice for your students.  

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