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6 Factors to consider before selecting a school for your child

6 Factors to consider before selecting a school for your child

Education is the stepping stone to a bright and optimistic future that also nurtures a person’s mind in every way possible. Majority of the soft skills, values you learn at school, are carried on throughout your lifetime. This is precisely why school is said to be your second home.

Over decades education has formed the building blocks of a child’s success and created a framework for their personality, character, and traits. To encourage a stable growth in our children who can one day lead the country, why not choose the perfect school?

Selecting your child’s school seems like a giant task. As it should be, parents want their children to learn from the best, of the best.

So what are the factors you must consider for the holistic development of your child?

        Below lies the list:

  • The Board of Education: A crucial thing to consider before searching for schools is fixing the board of education suitable for your child. India has specific education boards, ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, IB, State Board and more. As a parent you can gladly ‘go shopping’ to see what fits your child. Every school may seem similar but in reality is very different from each other. Try to look at the syllabus, course, exam schedule etc. Another aspect you must consider is which board at the time is delivering what results. Check out their websites, take a look at the alumni, see where that board stands in the market.
  • Infrastructure: Is your selected school conducive to learning? Is there an optimistic surrounding promoting mental well-being? Does the school comprise of supportive teachers who will boost the child’s personality as well? Having able state-of-the-art infrastructure that is imperative for the holistic development of the student is a priority. A school should be able to provide the best in the market for its students. From labs to playgrounds a school must have spaces that help students grow as individuals. Make sure the school you choose has suitable space for children to run around, labs that have every equipment required, counsellors office, smart boards, projectors and more.
  • Safety: It is of utmost significance to minutely study the security and safety features of a school. Your child needs to feel safe and protected in a place where they will spend a significant time of their day. Schools in the current day come packed with GPS trackers for school buses, messages that are sent to parents when buses depart and arrive and more. Make sure to question them on everything. Thoroughly study the school’s protection measures against not only location, walls, nurses office, security guards but also harassment and bullying. Try to understand what measures they take to eradicate any unforeseen events.
  • Distance: Often, parents, don’t consider the distance and how long it takes to get to and from school! Although there is nothing wrong with a long journey, it would be advisable to ensure that the school has proper transportation facilities. Parents must make sure that the school they select is worth the commute and that their ward is comfortable with the travel. Although, it is easier if the school selected is closer to the student’s home. This allows the student to take ample rest, be on time and it also eradicates the stress of travelling. On the other hand it is suitable for the parents as well, who can always head down to the school when required and be available.
  • Extracurricular Pursuits: We are no longer a society that only targets theoretical knowledge. The opportunities are vast and your child is only one step away from being the best at what he/she has a passion for. A good school will bring forth opportunities for students to also indulge in extracurricular activities. Select a school that offers exposure through exercises, painting, dance, cooking, singing, martial arts, sports, and more. Anticipate your child’s interest, and find a school that offers the same. Schools like NHIS hire the best coaches to train students.
  • Fees: A vital thing to consider for almost every parent is the fee structure. Seeking a quality school within a prescribed budget is a tiring task. Never select a school that exceeds your budget just out of instigation. There are plenty of schools that offer equally advanced knowledge. Select a school where you will be able to pay fees regularly without any hindrance. However, if you do decide to go a little over your budget, make sure that the infrastructure, academics, extracurriculars, and just about everything else about that school will be the perfect fit for your child!

    Apart from these factors, parents also need to consider a few other points like checking the faculties, their backgrounds, a syllabus that will keep the children updated, technological techniques implemented by the school, and more.

    Schools today pay equal attention to theoretical, practical, mental, physical and interpersonal education. The current generation must be continuously challenged. Schools like NHIS are prepared to provide the best of education. Our campus and syllabus have been planned out in such a way that each child receives the right guidance and support in their areas of interest. We have hired the best coaches and mentors. We have invested in an infrastructure that allows holistic development, which is transforming with the day and age.

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