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16 Questions Every School Should be Able to Answer

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Parents usually have a hard time selecting the best school for their children. Rightfully so, any decision about the future of your child must be taken carefully. School is the foundation to a lifetime of learning, admission in the right school gives your child an edge over their peers. Many schools across India offer numerous extracurricular activities, personality development techniques, and advanced infrastructure, apart from a structured syllabus. Finding the best school for your child that fits his/her requirements may take a bit of time but the end result is bound to be satisfactory. 

To find the perfect school, parents need to make an effort by thoroughly asking questions that dig a little deeper. School is the place where your child would spend most of their time. It is imperative to scrutinize all the features, safety measures, faculty, infrastructure, and more before taking admission. Enquiring on these parameters will ensure a protective and peaceful time for your child. Let us get going with the list of admission questions that you, as a parent, must ask every school you check out. 

How Organized is the School for Forthcoming Days? 

When you enroll your child into a school, you need to remember that they will be studying there for around fourteen years of their life or a significant amount at least. It is of utmost significance that the school is aimed at imparting advanced knowledge. Some schools prepare students for critical exams like IIT-JEE, Medical, UPSC, and other exams that students pursue post-school. Schools must also be prepared for drastic changes in environment, syllabus and more and allow a smooth transition for each child. 

Questions you need to ask: 

1. How will the school nurture your child to acclimatize to ambiguities and changes in the future? 

2. Is the school teaching the children to work as a team and think critically? 

3. Is the school following the process of learning, unlearning, and again re-learning? 

How Adept are the Teachers? 

Parents need to enquire about the teachers, their skills, efficiency, background, and more. It is equally important to learn about the people with whom their child is spending most of their time.  Learning about a teacher’s background will allow you to understand where they come from, their qualifications and personality. 

Questions you need to ask: 

4. What are the qualifications of the faculty? 

5. How experienced are they? 

6. Do all the faculties receive refresher training every year? 

Does the School Encourage Learning Outside the Classroom? 

A good school will always encourage a holistic approach to learning, which also takes place outside classroom walls. Field trips, visiting museums, watching movies, teachers connecting with students outside the classroom for honest conversations are some of the learnings that happen outside the classroom. Make sure the knowledge your child’s school guarantees are beyond the textbook. 

Questions you need to ask: 

7. How is learning outside the classroom encouraged in the school? 

8. Does the school arrange excursions, field trips, museum visits, community activities? 

9. Do you also prioritize practical knowledge? 

What are the Types of Safety Measures Followed in the School? 

The school you are targeting needs to have specific security measures to keep its students safe from any hazards. A good school needs to teach its students effective drills that will help them escape dangerous situations. Since a child stays inquisitive most of the time, the parents need to ask if the school has adept protective components for safeguarding. The parents need to ascertain every area like the lab, classrooms, washrooms, playground, and more.  

Questions you need to ask: 

10. What are the types of safety measures/equipment the school has arranged in case of any emergency? 

11. How are the faculties teaching the students to handle a crisis? 

12. How many security guards does the school have? 

13. What are the measures you take with regards to management if any unforeseen event takes place? 

What is the Assessment Process Implemented by the School? 

The assessment of your child should not be based only on their academic knowledge. They also need to be examined based on their extracurricular activities. Apart from that, a contemporary school should impart valuable knowledge to build a student’s personality. Schools need to implement ways where the students explore ways of learning. Schools need to teach students not to fear failure. 

Questions you need to ask: 

14. What are the methods of assessing extracurricular activities? 

15. Do you have apt coaches for the extra curriculars you have? 

16. Do you give equal importance to physical activities? 

Every parent needs to proactively ask these questions to the authorities of every school. Parents need to know every intricate detail about the school where they plan to admit their child. Your child deserves the best of education; theoretical, practical, mental and physical. NHIS makes sure to keep every door to opportunities open for its student. We are immensely indulgent and co-operative. We guide the parents by answering all their questions appropriately and make sure they make a sound decision for their child’s success.


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