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Hybrid CBSE – An Exceptional Method of Bestowing Advanced Knowledge to 21st Century Students

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21st-century students prefer a school curriculum that involves insights into international knowledge and exposure. Most contemporary schools aim at providing education that imparts schooling of both Indian and western cultures. This is done to broaden the horizon of students in their perception of knowledge. When students gain worldly knowledge, they are able to accomplish a wide range of difficulties. New Horizon International School or NHIS completely understands that a similar curriculum is the need of the hour. Therefore, it has launched a hybrid CBSE program that offers a blend of the traditional CBSE fused with international standards of teaching. 

What is the Hybrid CBSE Model Offered by New Horizon International School? 

New Horizon International School is one of the very few academic institutes that offer a hybrid CBSE model. Here, students get to learn the syllabus through a modernized manner of teaching that keeps the student’s growth and requirements at par. The hybrid curriculum is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the 21st century. New Horizon offers a progressive infrastructure and a student-centric pedagogy that promotes growth. Additionally, this curriculum encourages innovative and creative thinking that will aim at making the students future leaders. 

Characteristics of 21st Century Education as Incorporated in Hybrid CBSE Model 

21st-century education is more about learning through rational methods. The hybrid CBSE model is built with numerous significant characteristics that are listed below:

1. Customized Learning Plan

In this learning model, it is considered that each student is distinctive, and so is their learning style. Here, the curriculum follows diversified approaches for each student. Educators can adapt to different learning styles in a wide range. They can: 

  • Differentiate among learning difficulties
  • Differentiate among modes of delivery,
  • Differentiate among assessment strategies


2. Impartiality, Diversification, and All-encompassing

The hybrid CBSE model is focused on providing an education model that doesn’t comply with mainstream norms. The present time incorporates: 

  • Impartiality: The hybrid model emphasizes achieving a tight achievement gap where there is no place for prejudices related to money or culture. This means schools are trying to make a healthy atmosphere for students where they won’t be judged.
  • Diversification: New Horizon International School aims at spreading diversification. Diversification can be achieved by having students from different states across the country, students of different cultures, and religions. NHIS has a wide range of students coming in from different backgrounds and spaces. Through this, the students will learn about accepting differences.
  • All-encompassing: New Horizon believes that having students of wide abilities – physical disabilities, mental disabilities, etc, should be a part of the classroom without any discrimination.


3. Pragmatic Approach

The 21st century witnessed the approach of learning through doing. This means the focus is on the implementation of knowledge practically while learning the concepts from the book. Active learning provides enthusiasm while learning and implementing knowledge rather than passive learning. 


4. Change from Teacher-centered to Student-centric Nature
But now in the hybrid CBSE model of the 21st century, teachers have become the facilitator and the students have been actively involved. The teacher is no more the limelight.


5. Framing Community Relationships

New Horizon International School believes in learning through different communities. It is not possible for a teacher to be an expert on everything, but there are people out there who hold expertise in every phenomenon. We focus on community relationships where our students learn from a wide range of people. For instance, students from indigenous cultures have a distinctive way of learning. 

New Horizon International School has prominently placed itself among the top schools in Bangalore. Their hybrid CBSE model has gained the attention of quite a number of parents as they opt for admission. We believe in allowing students to explore as much as possible. By doing this, they are able to find their own niche and become able adults who can lead the world. 


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