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How is Philanthropy a crucial part of NHIS?

How is philantrophy a crucial part of NHIS

Since childhood, we have been taught the knowledge of philanthropy and how it boosts society as a whole. We have seen people contributing to society’s destitute ones. Philanthropy is one act that is undertaken by numerous people to create a balanced world where the deprived pens have the opportunity to live a slightly better life. Corporates, therefore, have emerged in philanthropic acts to promise a healthy atmosphere. They implement certain philanthropic measures like funding some crucial events, in healthcare, emergency funds, and medical projects.

NHIS and its Philanthropic Gesture

New Horizon International School, located in Bangalore receives constant acclamation due to their philanthropic gestures. The school not only provides a progressive curriculum but also does altruistic works. It is far-sighted about the world’s future, and therefore strives to create a balanced and prosperous world through providing financial assistance. NHIS is directed towards the creation of a lively environment that is bound to bolster. New Horizon strongly believes that the perfect approach to living is by giving, and that is exactly what it also imparts to the students.

We are immensely focused on the future of society and therefore aim at developing the same. The following are a few of NHIS’ recent philanthropic work:

  • NHIS has donated Rs. 5 crores to the PM Care funds to contribute to the well-being of the COVID victims of 2021
  • We have gladly contributed Rs. 14, 00, 000 to the PM Care Funds help schemes in 2021
  • NHIS has donated Rs. 2 crores to Keshava Kripa Samvardhana Samiti – ‘Educate Everyone Everywhere’ in 2021
  • A donation of Rs. 5, 00, 000 was made to Honourpoint Foundation for medical help to the poor in 2021
  • A donation of Rs. 6, 50, 000 was made to the Sparsha Trust Nisarga Grama for monthly provisions to the needy street children
  • NHIS donated Rs. 5, 30, 000 to Krishnacharya Trust, KK Puram for monthly provisions to the old age home

NHIS has always gone a step ahead in developing society, a learning instilled in every student of the institution.

Philanthropy and its Significance

NHIS is involved in building their student’s personalities by imparting a forward-looking mindset. Similarly, they also aim at making their students philanthropists. The following are some reasons why being a philanthropist is a prerequisite.

  1. Philanthropy creates bonds in the community. It helps in making connections by providing to society. Through philanthropy, people can devote their time or contribute money, and ensure a prosperous atmosphere. This act instills connectivity among people.
  2. Philanthropy is communicable in nature. When a person does philanthropic work, they are unknowingly influencing that person to contribute as well. Maximum philanthropic events are noticed by the surrounding people, and when used positively, this influence drives more contribution.
  3. It is through philanthropy that the network is mostly built. During any philanthropic event, there is a presence of different people all across the sphere.
  4. Philanthropy is immensely helpful to boost one’s mental health. When you are contributing to the needy section of society, you instantly feel that you have made a change and helped someone leading to happiness.
  5. Similar to mental health development, philanthropy helps with physical health as well. It is pretty anticipated that your physical self will encounter depreciation if you are not emotionally well.

To conclude, NHIS’ philanthropic activities have driven numerous parents and children. We always endeavor to provide the best for society, and we do this in the form of these activities. Our students also learn their responsibility to give it back to the world. We encourage each child to take part in philanthropic activities regularly and learn to use their privilege rightfully.

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