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6 Reasons Why Offline Schools Must be Encouraged – Post Pandemic

6 reasons

As we leave the pandemic behind and start the school year where every student is required to be present in class, as opposed to hybrid learning and online school, we are also preparing for subtle changes. Many parents still feel the need for online classes for the safety of their children from the pandemic that keeps surprising us. While others are interested in the idea of having their children go back to school and re-start the routine they used to have.

At the start of the pandemic teachers and students across the world struggled getting used to online classes since the format was never explored. Now we are more prepared than ever to face challenges like such in the education industry. However, as time went by students were able to find a balance and teachers were able to engage their beloved students through online classes. Now, they are equally excited to get back to normal and start life as it used to be. Although, having spent over 2 years in online classes we are bound to incorporate some changes in physical school too – starting June 2022. This article not only explores what we may have missed out on but also the advantages of offline school.

  • Social Interaction: schools are not only meant to impart knowledge but also work on the student intrinsically. Psycho-socio development is a big part of every student’s growth at school. When children interact with one another they learn how each person is different from the other, how individuals want to be treated, they mingle with their peers, learn group dynamics and leadership. None of these general life lessons can be taught in a setting apart from a school.
  • Discipline: offline schools in Bangalore work on instilling promptness and discipline among students. Punctuality, manners, respect, sensitivity and a stable routine are all necessary learning requirements for a child to turn into a responsible adult. The top schools in Bangalore make the effort to instill every bit of responsibility among each student.
  • Beyond the Gadgets: it is imperative that our children stay children for as long as they can even in this digitally powered world. Due to online classes the screen time students have had increased in heaps and bounds and now is the perfect time to reduce it. Offline schools are all about interaction. A skill we are slowly letting go of because the internet is inevitable. The attention span of a child in class is very less, however passing chits, secretly eating their lunch in class, chit-chatting with friends is still better than spending hours on a computer or mobile screen.
  • Hands – on learning: at offline school, teachers are able to provide students with live examples of objects and concepts they are reading in books. Be it a Bunsen burner, the human skeleton, flowers, plants and more can all be shown to students to interest and engage them in concepts that can otherwise seem dry.
  • Physical Activities: students have a designated time to run about and play in between classes. The best international schools in Bangalore encourage physical activities of all types. Top international schools provide students with credible mentors in every sport to teach them and help them reach their full potential. Students at international schools are also entertained with dance, music, yoga, skating, chess, and singing classes. International schools in Bangalore support your child’s dream and interests irrespective of what they are.
  • Teacher-Student Relationship: a relationship that is pure and pious, full of unconditional love and respect is that of a teacher and student. For years students and teachers have had a relationship that simply cannot be compared to another. This has been maintained batch after batch through apt interaction and vigilance that must be taken forward with each passing year.


When we start the conversation of online school vs offline schoolwe must learn to accept that online learning and offline learning in schools have both brought about their own set of pros and cons. However, with offline school reopening there are a few things that we will be carrying forward from the online school days like using the digital medium respectfully, learning new methods of education, and focusing on education regardless of the boundaries. New Horizon Internation School (NHIS) – the top international school among the list of international schools in Bangalore brings about a sense of being at school for students while still being careful. NHIS, recognizes and respects the work that teachers put in at school for their students and wishes to carry on the legacy forever!

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