What Makes New Horizon Educational Institution Stand Out from Others?

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It a parent’s dream to enroll their child in a school with advanced facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, personality development classes, structured syllabus and efficient faculties that is also popular and efficient. New Horizon International School is a part of the New Horizon Group of Institutions that has all the relevant features for a holistic development. As a leading institution we are always looking for new ways to incorporate culture and technology in our facilities. We believe children, if guided in the right direction, can make a better world for all of us. Here is a look at why New Horizon stands out among every other school: 

  • Our Mission and Vision: New Horizon International School was founded on a powerful mission and vision. The vision of our school is to impart a comprehensive learning experience that will develop the student’s minds and result in them becoming prosperous global achievers and outstanding innovators. We aim to make our students critical thinkers, swift communicators, and work on other skills that help students build themselves into successful, generous, and respectable people. We strive in guiding our students to become strong human beings who can endure hardships in life.  
  • Values: ‘Education is not just a mere accumulation of facts; it is the preparation of life itself.’ Our chairman has stated how he believes that education is not simply restricted to classroom learning. Our values comprise of integrity, compassion, respect, arduous work, and perseverance. Our value incorporated everyday lessons guarantee that every student is a dignified, smart, and respectable individual when he/she graduates. 
  • Age-old Legacy: New Horizon International School carries a legacy of 50 years. We are a part of the New Horizon Group of Institutions, whose establishment dates way back to 1970. Our very focus is to excel in Academics and Arts. We aim to provide proper education to young minds and create a dedication towards teaching as well. We like creating impactful human beings who have relentless ideas and skills. NHEI, or New Horizon Educational Institution, has a strong history in churning out individuals who are to bring change in our society. We have repeatedly proven ourselves to have mastered the craft. We believe our ability to evolve is our key to success. We have more than 500k alumni across the globe, while our institute is a dwelling of more than 1,000 faculty. 
  • Extra-curricular Activities: New Horizon aims at bringing out every child’s creativity, and therefore, we encourage every student to indulge in extra-curricular activities. We have sports day, annual day, CCA periods, inter-school competitions, and a lot more that challenges the young ones. Every student gets to show their exclusive talent – dance, music, painting, sports, martial arts, recitation, etc. Students are trained by the best coaches in Bangalore. New Horizon incorporates every opportunity in the curriculum that might be of a student’s interest.  
  • Science Lab: We are proactive about our students implementing scientific knowledge they learn in the classroom. We have a science lab that comprises of every kind of apparatus, equipment, seating facility, and more. We encourage students to engage in activities that will bring out their talent. There is apt supervision provided in the lab, and every safety measure is followed. This way, they develop an inclination towards STEM and hopefully, pursue the same in the future.  
  • Parent Portal: We have formed an exclusive platform where the parent connects with the faculty. The parent portal provides a reference point for all student-related activities. So, parents can relax and be aware all the activities their child is doing daily without having to constantly worry. 

New Horizon International School prepares students  to be independent, valued, and creative. We are highly focused on bridging the gap between cultural knowledge that contains Indian values and technological advancements. 

Over decades, NHEI has proven itself as a premier institution. Our students excel in every aspect and make us exceedingly proud. We are considered as a go to choice by parents not only due to our credible alumni but also for the faith and trust we instill among parents. 


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