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New Horizon With a Twist

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Step into the time capsule with us! “New Horizon With A Twist” transported parents into a whirlwind of nostalgia, laughter, and insightful learning. Imagine a day where parents became honorary students at NHIS, discovering firsthand the joys of the classroom and the thrill of curiosity. Spoiler alert: they absolutely reveled in every moment! 🌟📚✨

From interactive sessions to friendly competitions, it was a day bursting with surprises. “New Horizon With A Twist” wasn’t just an event; it was an immersive journey that left everyone with a suitcase full of memories. 🎉🎒

Curious to see the magic unfold? Take a sneak peek into the laughter, the quizzes, and the shared joy by watching our highlight video of this extraordinary day!

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