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Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliated #831360

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At New Horizon International School, students get the education they truly deserve.

New Horizon International School has garnered a strong reputation in the country and has become one of the best international schools in Bangalore. With the help of success-oriented and dynamic education programs, we are on a mission to help students fly high and succeed in their life. Moreover, our high standards of teaching methodologies set us apart from the crowd.

Currently, many parents are finding CBSE schools to be the best fit for their children. There are a number of top CBSE schools in North Bangalore that offer quality education alongside state of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. New Horizon International School is one of them.

Our Vision

From the very beginning, New Horizon International School has been on the path to being the global role model in education and teaching. We strive hard to make the students socially responsible, mentally healthy, and entirely successful.


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Our Mission

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As one of the best international schools in Bangalore, our mission is to help your little geniuses explore their interests and put their unique skills to lead to a meaningful and rewarding life. We wish to help and empower our students by following a holistic learning approach

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Our Core

We are here to bring our vision and mission to life by approaching it in the right way. Being one of the leading and best international schools, we nurture children’s growth to prepare them for their lives.


World-Class Facilities & The Best Support!

Being among the best international schools, we prefer following a caring and personalized approach to ensure that every child gets the full support they need to grow and flourish. With our outstanding and world-class education, we are on the mission to assist each and every child in unlocking their true potentials. Our highly zealous and dedicated teachers and other staff members strive hard to make students responsible, compassionate, and innovative.

What Makes New Horizon International School a Noteworthy Institution?

New Horizon International School is named among the top and best international schools in Bangalore. Here are a few reasons that make our school stand ahead of the curve and rank among the top international schools in Bangalore.

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We have an experienced faculty with the focus on preparing students for success. We are here to make your child future-proof and ready for the ever-changing world.

We don’t just accept students in our school, we accept families. Our family-oriented approach helps us build a strong relationship with the parents while bridging the gap between home and school.

At New Horizon International School, we strive hard to help our students learn that diversity is a strength.


A Perfect Place Where Your Child Can Begin Their Journey!

New Horizon International School is the best place where your child can begin their life journey. Here we believe that knowledge should be created and explored rather than simply absorbed.

We firmly believe that our new generation is the future of our world and therefore it is beyond imperative for us to create a space for them where they can grow, experiment, learn and explore.

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New Horizon International School, Byrathi Village, Hennur Main Road., Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560077.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    We don’t just cater to students’ education; we believe in transforming our students mentally, socially, and globally.

    The ultimate goal of our education is to help students in exploring, discovering, imagining, creating, questioning, analyzing, leading, problem-solving, and living with compassion— foundational skills for success.

    A challenging, dynamic and highly standardized educational program that caters to the needs of every child.

    Aside from education, New Horizon International School has a lot of other additional activities and features to offer. Many sporting events and activities, high-tech support to enrich the innovation, and state-of-the-art infrastructure are clubbed to help your little geniuses grow and prosper in their life.

    If you wish to choose New Horizon International School, feel free to fill the form on our website and know more about our admission process. We would love to serve you with the best and prompt assistance!

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