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What to expect in the Best CBSE Schools in Banaswadi

As parents, when it comes to finding a school for your child, it’s only natural that you’d want to opt for the best school. Bangalore is a great place, filled with abundant educational opportunities with a wide range of schools, colleges and universities. Bangalore has multiple leading schools and education boards that make a parent’s choice much easier.

Currently, many parents are finding CBSE schools to be the best fit for their children. There are a number of top CBSE schools in North Bangalore that offer quality education alongside state of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. New Horizon International School is one of them.

Key Features of the Top CBSE Schools in Banaswadi

Choosing one among the best CBSE schools in North Bangalore can be a struggle. Here’s a curated list of the essential features you need to check before shortlisting any school for your child.

Focus on Both Academic and Extracurricular Activities

Each child’s aspiration in life is different. Students today must be exposed to every opportunity, from academics to football/dance. The best CBSE schools in North Bangalore prioritize both education, extracurricular and social activities.

There should be an allotted period for different extracurricular activities like distinctive sports, performing arts, martial arts, and more. Additionally, a perfect school will have healthy debates, discussions, and other activities that boost oratory skills.

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Putting Emphasis on Workshops and Practical Skills

We tend to retain knowledge when we implement it practically. The top CBSE schools in North Bangalore will guide their students using workshop activities, demonstrations, and lab work.

For instance, when learning about the heat energy of fuels in Chemistry class, NHIS follows it up with a lab activity that will make it self-explanatory.

Additionally, the best schools will organize psychology-oriented workshops to attend to the mental health of their students. Present-day schools are taking that extra measure to ensure a healthy, stress-free mind.

An Integrated Method of Learning

The best CBSE schools in North Bangalore will always aim to provide a holistic way of learning. We at New Horizon International School follow a method that involves creating an approach where students’ emotional, academic, and social needs are acknowledged.

In this approach, the students are encouraged to focus on critical thinking, organization skills, and problem-solving abilities.

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Stringent Security Measures

Nobody wants to get their child enrolled in a school that doesn’t constitute strict security and safety measures. Therefore, as parents, you need to ensure and thoroughly study the different security measures employed in the school area. Since your child will spend the maximum hours in that very area, the top CBSE schools in North Bangalore are very specific about safety methods.

Right from guiding your child when entering through the entrance to safely accompanying them to their guardian at the end of the day – NHIS abides by it all. Some additional safety measures that you must check are:


 Security Guards

GPS enabled
school area

(especially the buses)


no-lock classrooms

360-degree surveillance

of the CCTV cameras


of female staff


of all the staff and faculties

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Adept Faculties

The school faculty must encourage students to speak for themselves in addition to learning from books. They must be encouraging and optimistic. At New Horizon, our teachers always cheer the students to try something new without fearing failure. Here, all our students are treated in an equal manner without focusing on individual academic results.

And there you have it! The top CBSE schools in North Bangalore will boast of all the aforementioned features.



New Horizon International School, Byrathi Village, Hennur Main Road., Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560077.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The recent orders have made learning Kannada mandatory as a part of the degrees. This is applicable for all streams – science, arts, commerce.

    The first language in CBSE board is either Hindi or English as stated by Article 343 of the constitution. Therefore, all CBSE schools have either Hindi or English in their syllabus.

    CBSE and ICSE are equally challenging.

    There are approximately 234 schools in Bangalore affiliated with the CBSE board.

    Yes, the staff is given adequate online and face-to-face training for the Cambridge syllabus along with physical material that they learn from. Students across India in IGCSE schools are benefitting from it.

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