New Horizon International School: One of the best cambridge IGCSE Schools in Bangalore

Education is the building block of a child’s career and overall personality. It shapes them to grow up into individuals who are capable of taking on the world by storm. Thereby, one can’t blame the parents for being overly careful and picky while choosing a primary school for their children. Thankfully, we are here to help. New Horizon International School is widely acclaimed as one of the Best Primary Schools in Bangalore that one can choose to ensure a bright future for their children.
International educational certificates are mostly beneficial for students who want to pursue their higher studies abroad. The Cambridge Primary or the IGCSE program for primary students is more widely recognized and accepted in all European countries, especially the United Kingdom.

Which Type of Curriculum Does New Horizon
International School offer its Primary Students?

New Horizon International School is an elite institution located in the heart of Bangalore. The school allows students the flexibility to choose the desired program pedagogy and curriculum. The two options offered by our school are Cambridge Primary and Hybrid CBSE.

The Cambridge Primary is structured around a more international outlook to education with ample integration of skill development courses in the curriculum to ensure the holistic development of the students. It aims at providing the students with hands-on practical experience, making the learning process both multidisciplinary and multisensory.

On the other hand, the HYBRID CBSE program provides ample opportunities for the students to strike the perfect balance between excellent quality education and extracurricular activities. Certificates issued by the CBSE board are highly respected all over India and abroad.

The students have the freedom to switch over from the Cambridge primary to the HYBRID CBSE programs and vice versa at the end of each academic year. These facilities make the New Horizon International School one of the Best Primary Schools in Bangalore.

School Life at New Horizon International School

It’s not only education that we emphasize upon. New Horizon International School prioritizes the overall development of students. We recognize the fact that the early years of education are the most vital in a student’s life. These are the years where the spirit of scientific inquiry gets inculcated in them. Also, primary school is essentially responsible for promoting creativity, social and interpersonal skills in children. Effective communication is a life skill to be developed at an early age.

Facilities and Infrastructure

At the New Horizon International School both, the Cambridge Primary, as well as the Hybrid CBSE board curriculum, are well integrated with quality musical training, dance training, art and painting classes, yoga classes, various indoor and outdoor sports, and other activities. All the
subjects are taught by expert educators and top-class faculty. This is to ensure that the students are provided with an opportunity to excel both in extracurricular activities as well as academics.

The infrastructural facilities include


The science park situated on our campus is a fully functionally integrated Tinkering Lab. It helps our students in receiving abundant hands-on practical training and knowledge. New Horizon International gives multiple opportunities to young minds to evolve as innovators and creators who are adept at tackling the challenges of the modern world.