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New Horizon International School located in North Bangalore, is amongst the finest international schools in India.

The New Horizon Group of Institutions is reputed as the pioneers of education in the country.

New Horizon International School aims at nurturing young individuals into global citizens while instilling Indian values in them. Here, at the New Horizon International School, students are growing into boundless thinkers, awe-inspiring innovators, and dexterous problem solvers.


Reasons Why Should You Choose New Horizon International School for your Child

Our mission is to promote multidisciplinary education that is at par with international standards and ensure the students’ holistic development. New Horizon International School’s innovative approach to education fortifies and prepares the students to take on the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


Freedom to Choose Desired Curriculum

IGCSE, also known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, was established and flourished by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE). The CAIE is highly reputed as one of the top providers of international certifications. The CAIE, an integral part of Cambridge University offers examinations and qualifications to more than 10,000 schools in about 160 countries worldwide.


New Horizon International School is one of the best IGCSE Schools in North Bangalore. Students are offered the freedom to choose one of the following curriculums followed at our school:

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The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum is designed for students looking to obtain education certificates that are globally recognized and respected once they clear the examination held at the end of Grade 10 and Grade 12.

The CBSE State Board curriculum is hybrid and is well recognized all over India. Students from Primary up until Grade 12 are enabled to choose this curriculum.

State of the Art Campus and Modern Infrastructure

The New Horizon International School stands at the center of a magnificent sprawling campus. The facilities available at our campus have been constructed, keeping the student’s well rounded development in mind. We believe that classroom education is not enough to prepare individuals to face the outside world. Therefore, we ensure that the students attain important life skills that will enable them to have an upper hand compared to students who don’t have access to the high-quality education that New Horizon International School offers.

Our school provides all its students with the following facilities present at our campus:

Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology and devices like smart televisions, audio-visual simulation equipment. Our classrooms are very spacious and well ventilated with colorful decor to create a cheerful environment for students.

Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories are upgraded and supplied with ample apparatus to conduct science practical classes like beakers, test tubes, Bunsen burners, chemicals, etc. All science practical classes are supervised by expert faculty, making it a safe environment for children.


The cafeteria at our school is one of the best among all the major IGCSE Schools in North Bangalore. Nutritious food is served to the students so that they do not miss out on a balanced meal on a busy day at school.

Computer labs

Upgraded computer labs enable the students to learn important computer skills like coding.

Science Park

Science Park is constructed keeping the spirit of scientific curiosity and query in mind. It is fitted with multiple mechanisms that will inculcate practical thinking in the child’s brain.

Fitness and Music

Experienced instructors conduct yoga, music, and dance for the students interested in learning liberal arts.