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Preparing Students for Their future!

Bangalore harbors some of the most elite schools comprising of state-of-the-art facilities. Choosing a school for your child from this colossal list is a painstaking work. South Bangalore is a posh area filled with high-end residential units and workplaces. There are numerous CBSE schools here that are famous for their academics as well as their involvement in extracurricular activities.
But there are certain schools that offer unique facilities, one of these schools is New Horizon International School, which has gained the reputation of being one of the top CBSE schools in South Bangalore.

NHIS Features that makes it the Top CBSE School in Bangalore

New Horizon International School (NHIS) has strived to become and remain one of the top CBSE schools in South Bangalore because of the range of exceptional advantages it offers over the others. Some of them include


Offers Two Educational Boards

NHIS has gained popularity as one of the most famous CBSE schools in Bangalore because it offers two educational boards, namely, CBSE, or Central Board of Secondary Education, and CAIE, or Cambridge Assessment International Education.

NHIS offers a hybrid syllabus by combining the CBSE content with the advanced educational practices imparted throughout the world. It includes all the progressive educational content, student-centric way of teaching, and advanced infrastructure.
Alongside, NHIS also offers CAIE which is the world’s most demanding board of education. The CAIE board expedites flexibility and liberty through education.

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NHIS Imparts Wisdom unlike no other through their Diverse Curriculum

New Horizon International School has become the top CBSE school in Bangalore as it believes in the age-old learning offered by the sages along with modern, ever-evolving, new-age knowledge. We regard the wisdom of tradition and understand how it will benefit the students of our school. Therefore, we nurture our students to grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally through the specially designed course of study.

Our teaching approach is curated so that learners find it fascinating to translate knowledge, values, and attitude into principled abilities.


Cutting-edge Science Laboratory

NHIS believes in implementing existing knowledge through practical activities. Therefore, we have created the ultimate science lab that is quite a hit among the students. Many students realized their newfound interest in science after practically experiencing the activities in the lab.

This is the place where your child can learn, conceptualize, experiment, and try out an array of scientific concepts. Being a top CBSE school in Bangalore, NHIS believes in learning through experimentation – the science lab is a product of that.

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Parent Portal – A Specialty of NHIS Making It A Top CBSE School In Bangalore

As one of the top CBSE schools in South Bangalore, we fathom parents’ inquisitiveness about their child’s education, behavior, and attitude in school. Therefore, we have designed a platform where the school interacts and updates the parents.

This platform is made to promote the growth of the students through referral points related to every school activity. Any activity assigned to the student or any notification sent from the school reaches the parent through this portal. This directly helps the parents understand their child’s advancement in school.

NHMUN – New Horizon Model United Nations

This is one of the most unique facilities offered solely by NHIS. NHMUN is an academic activity that trains students to participate in discussions and solve international issues, relations, and negotiations, related to the United Nations.

NHMUN is one of the initiatives by NHIS where the participating students act as delegates who are placed in committees. NHIS has been regarded as one of the most famous CBSE schools in South Bangalore, especially because of these activities.

Apart from all the above advantages, as a top CBSE school in Bangalore NHIS actively engages students in extracurricular activities of a wide choice. Sports, performing arts, and more are conducted for students to follow their passions.




New Horizon International School, Byrathi Village, Hennur Main Road., Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560077.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When it comes down to it, NHIS makes every effort to give students job linked inputs, as they are to eventually be thrust into a real-world environment. This is precisely why NHIS gives students time to pursue extracurriculars and other holistic activities as well!

    Yes, that would most definitely be possible as New Horizon follows the CBSE curriculum which remains the same nationwide and our faculty is always ready to help students seamlessly settle into their new home.

    NHIS firmly believes that students who are constantly motivated will do a great job in grasping new concepts, and students who are engaged and encouraged in the classroom will go on to achieve great things. This is why we make every effort to let students feel comfortable in voicing their thoughts.

    The Cambridge curriculum is designed to support students emotionally, mentally, academically and physically. It is the need of the hour, to holistically develop a child.

    As NHIS follows the CBSE curriculum, students will automatically, and structurally be prepped for these exams based on the respective streams of which they take up.

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