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One of the Best IGCSE Schools in Bangalore to Build Independent & Life-Long Learners

Finding the perfect school for your young one is quite a laborious task. You need to ensure that your selected school abides by all the major features like strict security, efficient faculty, focus on extracurricular activities, holistic approach towards teaching, and constant encouragement towards the students to try new activities.

There is a list of best CBSE schools in Bangalore but choosing one among all of them can be quite stressful. New Horizon International School, located in Bangalore has strived to provide the best education alongside prioritizing social activities which is why it must be your first choice.


Why New Horizon International School Tops the List of CBSE Schools in Bangalore

CBSE board syllabus aims at skill-based orientation rather than simply teaching through books. CBSE board tends to mentor the students by developing their organizational skills. We, at New Horizon International School, believe in specific values that have made us stand out from others.


Prioritizing Innovation and Creation

The present time urges for creativity and innovation rather than simply studying from the books listed in the syllabus. New Horizon International School is considered the highest in the list of best CBSE schools in Bangalore because of our ingenious approach to teaching. We focus more on implementing practical knowledge using existing theoretical research.

We guide our students to learn and broaden their horizon from a tender age. We encourage workshops and demonstrations where our students participate and show their artistic skills. Annual workshops where our students create innovative projects based on their syllabus, gives them real-time experience. This way, they anticipate their desire to learn a particular subject – science, arts, or commerce.

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Insistence on Ethics, Values, and Morals

Our guidance is nurtured towards promoting a surrounding that boosts ethics, values, and morals. Our main motive is to make our students responsible youths who abide by the general ethics that run the world. Textbook knowledge is proven to not be adequate to teach ethical values and morals.

The list of best CBSE schools in Bangalore consists of NHIS, which is driven to provide students with the much-needed knowledge they will need to survive the world.



New Horizon International School is particular about its infrastructure. Our campus consists of all the basic as well as the advanced features like science park, science laboratory, digital classrooms, yoga rooms, computer labs, cafeteria, infirmary, sports, transport, multi-purpose recreation center, dance and music centers, daycare center, theatre, library, and children’s play area. All these facilities make us one of the most premium academic institutes in Bangalore.

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Competent and Proficient Faculties

Choosing a school that has apt faculty not only in terms of student – teacher ratio but also in terms of academic knowledge is one of the main criteria to be considered when selecting the school for your child. New Horizon International School often tops the list of CBSE schools in Bangalore because of our highly efficient faculty members. Our teachers have extensive experience, are very optimistic and encouraging towards the students. They aim at teaching morals, values, and ethics alongside the syllabus. They wholeheartedly encourage the individuality of every student while conducting any activity.


The Hybrid CBSE Board

This is one of the main reasons behind New Horizon topping the list of CBSE schools in Bangalore. We offer a hybrid CBSE education system where our syllabus is blended with international knowledge. Hybrid CBSE education is a product of New Horizon only and is curated to mentor the students of the 21st century. The approach is very much focused on innovation and creativity.

To conclude, New Horizon International School has constantly maintained its quality and adheres to its missions and visions consistently. Opting for New Horizon will be the perfect decision as we care for the individuality of the students.

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New Horizon International School, Byrathi Village, Hennur Main Road., Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560077.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are over 15,000 CBSE schools in Bangalore where each of the schools has something distinctive to offer.

    According to the rules implemented, Kannada must be considered mandatory as either first or second language starting from standards I, II, III, and IV of 2020-21.

    Yes, this should not pose any significant issues given that you keep in mind the upper age limits, and also ensure the timely submission of your migration certificate.

    The CBSE board is not so difficult that students will need to be exuberantly vigilant, as it is considered to be more structured and compact. However, students will be expected to put
    their best foot forward as they must have a foundational understanding of basic concepts, and must be able to absorb important tables, charts, diagrams, and theory.

    The best school for a child is a very personalized decision that has to be made by weighing factors ranging from distance from home to the amenities offered by the school as well as the respective child’s interest.

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