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4 Steps To Your Child’s School Selection


Selecting your child’s school ought to be one of the crucial decisions in your life. It will decide your child’s future, nurture their character, and determine their knowledge and creativity in the forthcoming days. Certain things need to be considered before making that decision, especially when so many schools are available around us. Private or public, ICSE or CBSE or State Board, fees, location, are just a handful of things to consider. Remember, it is the school that establishes your child’s growth and also teaches them to deal with the world’s problems.

4 Steps to your Child’s School Selection

The four main steps you need to assure before selecting your child’s school are considering your child’s requirements, considering your family’s requirements, location of the school, assembling information about the school like curriculum, approach to learning, behavior policy, visiting and observing the schools, and importantly parent involvement.

Step 1: Understanding your Child and Family’s Wish

Firstly, determine what exactly your child desires as nobody knows your child better than you. Also, consider what your family members have decided about your child’s school. To help with step one, consider the following facts.

● Ascertain if your child requires special education or language need

● Determine the structure of the environment required by your kid

● Determine if they require a challenging curriculum

● Check if they need individual attention

● Determine the learning style of your child

● Do they like to participate in group activities or enjoy part taking in activities alone?

● Are they artistic or scientific?

Step 2: Analyzing the Location

Your child’s schools need to be centrally located just like New Horizon International School. The school needs to provide proper transportation for your child to travel comfortably and safely. Ensure that the transport system has proper CCTVs launched for surveillance. New Horizon has gained popularity because of its coherent transportation facility arrangements.

It may happen that your preferred school is located at some distance, but you need to ensure that they have appropriate transport facilities.

Step 3: Deriving Information about School

Just like we have a discussion with our acquaintances or our friends before purchasing any product, the same needs to be followed in the case of schools. Talking about the background,

New Horizon International School has been capturing attention because of its progressive curriculum, learning approach, and parent indulgence. Furthermore, the following factors need to be considered before picking the school:

● Does the school has a liberal curriculum that includes core subjects like Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, and also performing arts, or other artistic subjects?

● Does the school teach complex subjects like advanced placement or Model United Nations, like the one present in New Horizon, namely NHMUN?

● In what ways the school provides education to specially-abled kids?

● What are the ways of English language acquisition for the students?

● What exactly is the approach to learning – group projects, measuring individual performance, or through constant testing?

● What is the communication language of the school staff?

● In what ways does the school encourage the development of character and citizenship?

Step 4: Scrutiny of Schools

Before selection, it is of utmost significance to observe the school and its surrounding. Simply contact your selected schools, and make an appointment to visit. Go and observe the culture of the school, the atmosphere, and the students. Ensure to visit the school during their regular timing to understand better. The best way is to schedule an appointment with the Principal and be transparent about your needs. Furthermore, check the following points:

● Is the school secretary, and other staff amiable?

● How neat and mannerly is the school?

● In what way does the school communicate with the parents?

● What is the teaching approach of the teachers?

● How much does the school promote parent involvement?

New Horizon International School has been consistently called the best school in Bangalore because of abiding by all these factors. We have ticked off all the criteria’ parents look for while selecting the best school in Bangalore. This school strongly believes in creativity alongside teaching the core subjects. They nurture a kid to become a proper person.

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