IGCSE Schools in North Bangalore: Preparing Students for International Education

For any education system to be effective, it is vital for it to change and develop with time.

In this regard, international boards of education have made major headway in India in the past 10 to 15 years. Their focus is not just on providing an education to students but to create learners who are able to think, innovate, and explore. 

IGCSE, or International General Certificate of Education, has become one of the top systems of examination in schools across India.

Why Is IGCSE The Right Choice For Your Child?

If you wish to give your child the experience of learning and graduating from an international board, then an IGCSE qualification is your best bet. IGCSE, which is part of the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), is a globally recognized system of examination that provides international qualifications to students.

Created more than 30 years ago, IGCSE has become one of the most trusted and reputable forms of conducting examinations. Schools with an IGCSE curriculum have the advantage of choosing and creating unique subject combinations that will be highly beneficial for students.

Moreover, if your child’s goal is to study abroad, then IGCSE paves the way for this dream to come true. Top colleges and universities across the world, including Ivy League Colleges, recognize IGCSE qualifications. IGCSE schools hone your child’s skills and creativity. It gives them the push to become passionate learners, thinkers, and innovators, ultimately creating future leaders and pioneers.

List of Top IGCSE Schools in North Bangalore

1. New Horizon International School

New Horizon International School (NHIS) has marked the top spot in the list of IGCSE schools in North Bangalore. It offers two education boards, CAIE as well as Hybrid-CBSE, which is a combination of the international curriculum of CAIE and the national, more culturally-rooted syllabus of CBSE. Both these boards provide IGCSE qualifications.

2. Oasis International School, Bangalore

Oasis follows the Cambridge curriculum for primary and secondary sections and IGCSE for the senior section. Moreover, this school also offers pre-university and Islamic education. Diverse facilities include an arts and crafts room, theater/dramatics, hockey, football, computer and science labs, etc.

3. Canadian International School

It offers the CAIE board and provides its students various facilities like specialized labs for language, math, and science, an auditorium, AV rooms, gym, counseling, boarding, athletics, basketball, etc.

4. Mallya Aditi International School

This school offers  ICSE and IGCSE for grades 9-10. It also offers ISC and AICE for grades 11-12. The school focuses on diversifying a student’s view of the world; they create their curriculum based on Western and Eastern values, helping them formulate a deeper understanding of various cultures.

5. Vidyashilp Academy

Vidyashilp Academy was founded in the year 1996,  in Yelahankaand. It is now recognized among Indians and foreign nationals. It offers students two famous boards – ICSE and IGCSE. This school is renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and sports culture.

To Sum It Up

The most important reason for choosing international education is its ability to prepare students to equip themselves during times of adversities. It helps young minds adapt to the changing environment and seamlessly carry on their studies abroad. Ensure a bright future for your child by choosing IGCSE.

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Best-In-Class Facilities at New Horizon International School

New Horizon International School

New Horizon International School, Byrathi Village, Hennur Main Road., Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560077

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