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A premier Co-ed international school rooted in Indian values

New Horizon International School, the latest venture of New Horizon Educational Institutions, is a place where education and excellence unite to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for students of all ages.

  • The Best Emerging School (CBSE) in the India School Merit Awards 2023 by Education Today.
  • A focus on creating wise and innovative thinkers, not just knowledgeable individuals.
  • Strong emphasis on morals, ethics, and values in addition to academic excellence.
  • Exceptional infrastructure and facilities to inspire students and facilitate learning.
  • Highly qualified and specially trained faculty members.
  • The flexibility to choose between the Cambridge and HYBRID CBSE boards.
  • A unique HYBRID CBSE curriculum that combines the best of CBSE with international teaching practices to provide an unparalleled learning experience.

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    Why Choose New Horizon International School

    • Experiential learning to promote innovation and creativity.
    • Innovation and Creation are not just encouraged but prioritised.
    • Strong emphasis on morals, ethics, and values.
    • Extraordinary infrastructure.
    • Highly qualified and specially trained faculty.
    • Flexibility between the Cambridge and HYBRID CBSE boards.


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    Our Academic Programme


    At NHIS, we firmly believe that a strong foundation in early education is the bedrock of a child’s academic success and personal development. Our Kindergarten program is meticulously crafted to provide your child with a stimulating, nurturing, and age-appropriate learning environment.

    Primary (Grade I-V)

    Our primary classes provide a hands-on multidisciplinary and multi-sensory instructional approach that focuses on nurturing the imagination and individuality of our students. Innovation and creativity are promoted by our excellent faculty through contemporary teaching techniques.

    Secondary (Grade VI - VIII)

    The focus in lower secondary is on equipping our students with in-demand skill sets, a healthy view of self, and a hunger for excellence. We have devised a learning framework that prepares our students for a future filled with success.

    Upper Secondary (Grade IX-XII)

    The Hybrid CBSE Upper Secondary Curriculum is designed to guarantee a comprehensive learning experience for a student. A practice-oriented teaching methodology is followed to ensure a child’s overall growth and development. 

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