A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 10 Schools in Bangalore

Sending your child to school means instilling them with not just the knowledge of academia but developing their social skills and personality. Every parent must analyze much more than just the quality of education and the facilities offered by the international schools. All children are not the same, and the choice for the appropriate school must be made based on the child’s needs and goals. To aid your guidance, here are the top 10 ten international schools in Bangalore that can make the right fit for your child:

1. New Horizon International School (NHIS)

With top-notch facilities and high-quality education, NHIS remains at the top of the international schools in Bangalore. It offers two educational boards – CAIE, and Hybrid CBSE, which bring students the best of both worlds

NHIS focuses on critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. They encourage students to grow as individuals with their own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

2. The Valley School, Bangalore

Established in 1978, The Valley School holds the second position in the top ten international schools in Bangalore. Teachers of the school believe in establishing a strong bond with the students to make them confident enough to express themselves.

3. Inventure Academy

The private learning and multiple modern facilities of Inventure Academy assist students in studying efficiently. It offers CAIE and ICSE educational boards. Students at Inventure Academy can indulge in arts and fine arts besides concentrating on academics.

4. Jain International Residential School

Being an ISO-certified school, Jain International Residential School offers quality education to the students, blended with a religious flavor. It has 4 beautiful temples and a spacious natural environment, along with large air-conditioned classrooms, and other modern facilities.

5. The International School, Bangalore

The International School offers education to both, Indian and international students. This majestic school offers a friendly environment where students can play and study to develop the necessary skills needed to succeed as holistic individuals.

6. Greenwood High International School

Situated in South Bangalore, Greenwood High International School is one of the most famous educational institutions in the city. Greenwood High has a reputation for producing students that win various rewards and accolades.

7. Stonehill International School

Formed in 2008, the school follows the International Baccalaureate or IB board of studies. Situated in North Bangalore, the infrastructure, facilities, and education are outstanding. The wide range of extracurricular activities ensures that students grow mentally and physically.

8. Canadian International School

Canadian International School is one of the best schools in Bangalore known to offer top-quality education in a stress-free environment. The staff of the school is well-equipped with the skills and knowledge required to encourage students to become the best versions of themselves.

9. Army Public School

Army Public School puts extra emphasis on the students’ personal development. The extracurricular activities performed at the school helps students prepare themselves for advanced physical training and sports competitions.

10. Ebenezer International School

Ebenezer International School boasts modern classrooms, a conference hall, laboratories, sports facilities for tennis, swimming, basketball, as well as a fully-equipped gym.


If you’re looking for a school that will not just offer quality education, but also pay attention to extracurricular activities, all you need to do is trust the top international school in Bangalore. Why wait? Contact Team NHIS today to give your child the education they deserve!

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